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Agora Gallery

Summer Showcase  Exhibition August 2019

Crack story series

Crack story series is a large body of work which some part was showcased in an exhibition themed "Summer show case" in New york, where Agora gallery first gave Chinemerem a warm welcome. 

Chinemerem omeh human figure crack story
chinemerem omeh anchore of fog. impasto painting grey scal

Title: Anchor of fog (The man in the mirror)
Medium: caked oil on canvas
Size : 36x48
Year : 2019

Title: In the phase of waning emotions an enduring mind lives.
Medium: oil on canvas
Year: 2018
Size: 30x30

chinemerem omeh painting crack story anatomy of hope
chinemerem omeh impasto painting grey scale, if it was just darkness

Title : Enough to choke a horse (Anatomy of hope)
Medium : Oil on canvas
Year: 2016

Size: 48x24

Title: If it was just darkness
Medium: oil on canvas
year: 2017
Size: 24x36

chinemerem omeh culture or nature painting

Title : Culture or nature ?
Size : 48x72
Meduim : oil on canvas
Year : 2018

chinemerem omeh painting pain of mans dominance

Title: Pain of man's dominance.
Meduim : caked oil on canvas
Size : 16x36
Year: 2018

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